Scuba Diving Tips for Beginning Divers


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Scuba Diving

Since 2013, Edwin Shoffner has served as president of Mattress by Appointment, located in Greenville, South Carolina. In his spare time, Edwin Shoffner enjoys scuba diving.

The world’s largest scuba diving training organization is PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI offers instructional scuba diving training certification courses and provides a list of tips for first-time scuba divers:

Go slow. New divers should add air into the buoyancy compensator in small doses, and then they should wait a few seconds to see how the added air changes the buoyancy. From there, they should add a few puffs and take a few breaths. They should also never add air to ascend.

Use a well-fitted mask. The point of scuba diving is to see underwater. If the mask doesn’t fit, it doesn’t make sense to use it. Go to a professional and get fitted for a mask.

Continue your education: One of the ways to get better is to log more dives. Enrolling in scuba diving courses is another way to get more time in the water. Courses can prevent new divers from developing bad habits as well.