The Importance of Finding the Right Mattress


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Mattress By Appointment

For nearly five years, Edwin Shoffner has managed business at Greenville, South Carolina’s Mattress By Appointment. Edwin Shoffner is also president of Mattress Wholesale. He has three decades of experience in the mattress industry.

The importance of a reliable, comfortable mattress to a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. Memory foam mattresses are popular with today’s consumers, as the technology has been designed to evenly distribute body weight when needed, then return the mattress to its original shape once pressure has shifted or been removed. Research indicates that the comfort provided by memory foam mattresses can help individuals enjoy high-quality-sleep more consistently, which translates to a myriad of physical and psychological benefits.

Other individuals may require a firmer mattress in order to receive a full night’s rest. A firmer mattress can be especially beneficial to individuals who struggle with back pain. However, overly stiff mattresses can be problematic. Regardless of an individual’s personal preferences, he or she should discuss the benefits and disadvantages of various mattresses with a trusted professional before moving forward with a purchase.