Small Business Strategies for Keeping Overhead Low


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In 2013, Edwin Shoffner joined Mattress By Appointment as the company’s president. In this role, he leads a licensor that offers a sales and management model that greatly reduces overhead expenses for franchise operators. Also the former CEO and president of Greensboro, North Carolina-based retailer Mattress Man, Edwin Shoffner has over two decades of experience in sales management, marketing, and business finance and understands how to reduce costs and streamline operations.

Mattress By Appointment owner/operators have very distinct, and strategic advantages over traditional furniture stores, and sleep shops. By attacking the largest 3 pillars of expense for any retailer; Rent, Advertising, and Sales People. All retailers are faced with these three same expenses, and Mattress By Appointment has determined how to cut these costs by half, or sometimes greater, which allows for mattresses to be sold for under market value.

By providing consumers the absolute best mattress at the absolute best value is what sets Mattress By Appointment apart from competitors.