How Mattress By Appointment Helps the Community

The president of Mattress By Appointment, Edwin Shoffner draws on more than three decades of experience in mattress retailing and wholesaling. Dedicated to helping the community, Edwin Shoffner and Mattress by Appointment donate mattresses to young people in need through a partnership with Pendleton Place.

The goal of the partnership is to assist those who have to leave foster care due to their age but who don’t have sufficient resources to buy their own bed and mattress. Shoffner and Mattress by Appointment recently offered a mattress and frame to a 19-year-old woman in Pendleton Place’s Connections Count program. This philanthropic partnership between Mattress By Appointment and Pendleton Place began as a way to help young people entering adulthood to improve their chances of success in life. He and Mattress By Appointment plan to continue providing mattresses to youths who have to leave the foster care system in order to enable them to become self-sufficient as they enter a new stage in their life without support from family members.