Two Advanced Open-Water Diving Skills

Edwin Shoffner is a distinguished sales professional and leader with over 30 years of experience in the mattress retail industry. He leverages his experience to serve as president of Mattress by Appointment and Mattress Wholesale. Outside of his profession, Edwin Shoffner is a passionate scuba diver who holds an Advanced Open Water certification.

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is a scuba certification program that improves the basic skills of an open water diving course with other diving skills. Divers in this program must have completed an open-water diving course and a minimum of five dives to become certified. Two common dives in the program are deep diving and underwater navigation.

Deep diving is generally considered beyond the recreational scuba diving limit of 131 feet. Some dive organizations, such as the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), consider 100 feet to be the maximum deep diving depth and have integrated this standard into their courses. Deep-sea divers learn to prepare for and navigate the challenges of the high-pressure deep-sea environment – such as nitrogen narcosis.

Underwater navigation dive builds on the basic compass skill of open water course dive. Divers learn to find their way more efficiently in the deep sea, where underwater current and other navigation challenges are common. This requires proper handling of a compass underwater while navigating to predetermined locations and maintaining neutral buoyancy.